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Glad Tidings Gospel Ministry consists of a small group of Christians from different backgrounds, who desire to help students further the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. We were founded by people who put their trust and finances into our hands, for the soul purpose of dispersing it to students in need of financial support.

The Glad Tidings scholarship program exists to aid students that are committed to serving in foreign missions, the inner-city, or other ministry vocations. We strive to provide help with the costs of Christian training and education, in order to enable students to become involved in ministry during or shortly after the completion of their education.

Glad Tidings has been granting scholarships since 1981. Recently, we have been blessed to bestow this assistance all over the country, in $500 to $700 increments per semester. Upon receiving applications from students in need, we review the situation and testimony of each candidate, and we prayerfully decide which ones we should sponsor.

God has and continues to work in the lives of our scholarship recipients. Many of those who have benefited from a Glad Tidings scholarship are now serving the Lord in various countries and ministries around the world. Our hope is to continue to aid and bless countless students, so that they in turn, may bless others with the hope of the Gospel.




Applicant Criteria (applicants must meet at least ONE of the following criteria):

  • Students who plan to serve in inner-city ministry.
  • Students with parents that have served or are currently serving as missionaries.
  • Students that come from unbelieving families who do not contribute financial support to their Christian education.

*All applicants must be born-again believers in Jesus Christ who intend to go into full-time ministry. Applicants should also meet at least one of the above criteria.

PDF Downloads:

Application Checklist For First Time Applicants 

  • Completed Application
  • Signed & Dated Reimbursement Policy and Banquet Attendance Statement
  • Pastor/Church Official Reference Form
  • Professional Reference Form
  • Academic Reference Form
  • Personal Testimony
  • Picture

Once you have completed your application and the supporting documents you may mail your application to GTGM at the address listed below. You are also welcome to email your application to info@gtgm.org. Your letters of reference should be mailed directly to GTGM or emailed to info@gtgm.org directly from your reference.

Instructions for Current Scholarship Recipients Requesting Funds for Additional Semesters:

If you are currently receiving financial support from GTGM you MUST submit a request for funds for each semester that you would like to receive assistance. If the information from your original application is correct (address, school of attendance, etc) then you can send a brief letter to GTGM by the scholarship deadline stating:  any changes in your plans following graduation, a short update on the past semester, and an update on your anticipated graduation date. The request for additional assistance letter can be mailed to the address below or emailed to info@gtgm.org. If the GTGM board does not receive a letter requesting funds for an additional semester then the scholarship will not be extended or considered.




Glad Tidings Gospel Ministry

Email: info@gtgm.org Website: www.gtgm.org

All donations made to Glad Tidings Gospel Ministry go directly toward supporting additional scholarship recipients. Please consider supporting Glad Tiding's efforts to provide financial assistance to students seeking to do God's work around the world.




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